Green Screen Photo Booth fun with digital backgrounds

Green Screen
Your dream destination is a Green Screen Photo Booth away!

Do you have the kind of love that can take you to the moon and back?  You know, the one that enables you to walk on water and take a trip to Paris, just to kiss under the stars and fly back before the morning breaks?  With our ChequerBox Green Screen Photo Booth these thoughts need no longer be simply concepts in your head.

All of this is made possible with a ChequerBox Green Screen Photo Booth.  The green background allows for digitally imposed backdrops or themes to be added to your images, with a live view of your dream background, which allows you to interact when it’s time to capture that all important moment.  At last, even if it is just for a snap of a moment, you too – and all your guests – can fly to the moon and back in celebration of your love and wedding (or any other event).

Almost anywhere you can think off…

Give your bride-to-be the romantic ocean wedding pics that she has always dreamed off.  Take your groom to his favourite outdoor forest mountain trail without ever getting muddy yourself or leaving the comfort of your event.

Recreate your own fantasy destination wedding or special occasion, the way that you have always wanted it.  You can finally have dominion over the air, earth, sea and interstellar.  Just in case you are wondering; the costumes and fun props come standard with all our photo booths.  So, you can still have the benefits of green screen innovation without compromising on the fun of accessorising!

As seen on TV

You may have heard of green screens playing a “leading role” in internationally acclaimed box office movies and popular TV series.  These hits include films such as, The Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland and Game of Thrones.  Until now, this state-of-the-art technology is something that was only associated with big budgets and the elite who dared to embrace cutting edge know-how.

The ChequerBox Green Screen Photo Booth ushers in change and lifts you higher.  We will help source your dream digital images, custom design the layout of your photo to suit your party theme and bring along fun props to relocate your event without flight or even astronomical costs (pun intended).

For timeless images in places you may – or may not – ever visit in your lifetime; make your booking without delay!