How to use our Hashtag Printer to help grow your social media presence

Hashtag Printer – get the best of digital and print, socially

There is little worse than talking to yourself about yourself. No matter how big your budget for the actual event, if it is not trending live on social media, it practically did not happen. It did, but only to the few in attendance. That’s few compared to the masses it could have potentially reached had it had a strong social media presence.

The facts are that social media surpasses digital divide. This can help you latch onto an influential audience who may never walk through your doors. Make no mistake, no matter what you can say about yourself, your business and/or services… What they say about you matters a whole lot more. Nothing compares to having others tell your story; and our Hashtag Printer can help you do just that.

Start a trend on social media with our Hashtag Printer

Someone started the trends we follow on social media, particularly Instagram and Twitter. While it is nice to follow trends; it takes thought leaders to start and grow their own trends. With our Hashtag Printers, you can set your own agenda.

Pick a unique hashtag that best captures the event and share it with your guests. Ask friends, guests and colleagues to incorporate the hashtag when they upload photos onto their Twitter and Instagram social media profiles.

User interaction

Not only does this promote user interaction, which in turn grows your social media presence, but it can also allow you to reach so much further. A ripple effect of interaction opens up and you are positioned at the center of it all.

Rather than being the only one using the unique hashtag or opting to push other hashtags, you can now have your own crowd, as guests and followers push your agenda to their friends and business associates, who in turn can share it to theirs and so forth.

Best of digital and print

Do you prefer new media and being on the digital spectrum where you can easily share, like and reach masses from anywhere in the world? Then our Hashtag Printer may be exactly what you require.

Perhaps you prefer traditional media, where something is printed and put into hand, propelling that “just for you” feeling? For the surprise element of instant prints, digital branding and fun, you just have to consider our Hashtag Printer today!

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