Wedding photo booth fun

It’s your big day.  He eventually proposed or perhaps it was you; you have landed that deal and are having a fancy do to celebrate.  Whatever the case, make sure that it does not fall away in the cracks of time. How? You may well ask and the answer is simple – you need to hire yourself a ChequerBox wedding photo booth.

All things nice… from traditional to green screen photo booths

Pick and choose between an assortment of photo booths and event photography services.  There’s the traditional photo booth, which remains a hit for weddings (creative wedding entertainment and wedding favours in the form of photo strips), particularly because of the silly and cute props that brings photo booths to life.

There’s also something for the jetsetter techno-lover who wants more than just the here and now.  If you thought green screens were just for A-listers like Sandra Bullock in the internationally acclaimed “Gravity” film, then you need to understand how ChequerBox Photo Booths are changing the game by bringing Green Screen Photo Booths to you!  It almost seems like your traditional photo booth, except you can super impose different digital backgrounds in place of your typical standard background.

Start your own trend with a Hashtag Printer

Stop following trends; start your own.  After all, the worst thing you can do is to talk to yourself, about yourself in your little fragment of the world.  Break the silence and spread the word.  You can easily create a unique hashtag for your event that could go trending (even viral) to reach friends in other parts of the world.  Don’t limit yourself.  Ask your guests to use your unique hashtag when uploading their images to Instagram and Twitter and celebrate your special day with everyone you know, everywhere.

We will monitor these platforms for photos matching the hashtag and will automatically download them.  So when your guests come over to the hashtag printing station, the photos will already be there – and branded accordingly – just waiting to be printed.

Guestbook motivation

The days of asking your guests to simply write a motivational message in your wedding book seem almost archaic.  Your photo booth options can include a guestbook with a difference, strategically positioned to entertain guests as they wait their turn in the booth or collect their photo strips.

The fun vibe surrounding the booth invites guests to get creative with their writings heightened by the stamps, nice pens and other creative enhancements that come with the book to give it a creative personal touch.  We also bring along some wedding themed props and custom design the layout of the photo strip to suit your wedding theme.  As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and family and friends can combine a photo strip with their words of wisdom to leave you with a storybook of memories.

Your options are endless.  Make your booking today before you miss out!

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