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“Marketing-inspired word-of-mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising”

McKinsey Study –


Exponential Reach

What is your reach?

Social media marketing give brands exponential reach, empowering them to leverage their content more effectively than other marketing channels.

More followers means access to more of followers’ followers.” –  Pamela Vaughan, Hubspot

SocialBox will enable your brand to create organic word of mouth on Instagram and Twitter by incentivising your customers to talk about your brand in return for a branded keepsake.  Let’s face it – everyone loves taking photos and the novelty of a printed photo will be incentive enough to start posting.

Every one of your followers has his / her own set of followers.  So when a follower shares something about your brand, that content is exposed to additional people who weren’t directly following your brand.  This is the exponential impact of reach.

Now think of the many exposures that your brand potentially gets with one share…

Social shares impact SEO

Search engines are taking social media shares into account when ranking your content, thus the more you get followers to share content about your brand on social media channels, the better for your SEO.

The power of Influencers

A large follower base will always include Influencers – those individuals with a strong social media following, expertise and credibility that have built trust with their follower base and exert influence on purchasing decisions.  Getting these Influencers to share content of your brand with their followers is worth far more than paid advertising.



SocialBox – How it works…

Create a unique hashtag for your event and tell your guests to tag their photos when they upload them to Instagram and Twitter.

SocialBox will monitor these platforms for photos matching the hashtag and will automatically download them.

Your guests can then visit the hashtag printing station, find the photos that they have uploaded a then choose to print a branded copy.


Have fun with the layout of the photo as our in-house graphic designer custom designs according to your wants and needs.  We can also brand the display screen and the printing kiosk as well as our selfie frames that can be used at your event to further drive awareness of the hashtag printer and create that fun element.

Three easy steps for your customer:

1.Take a photo

PhotoTake a photo using your mobile phone

2. Hashtag

hashtagUpload the image to Instagram or Twitter using the unique hashtag

3. Print

printVisit the hashtag printer station, select your image on the screen and print

Social Media Printing for Events and Brand Activations. Ask Us