Stylish Save the Date photo strips, custom designed for your event

People have busy schedules.  We live in a world surrounded by activities and events.  Social media bombards people with information overload that offers so many options on any given day.  To be noticed you need to be different, to stand out from the rest.

In as much as your event can be the most important priority in your calendar and you will never forget it (or the memories and dates thereof); the reality is that in order to keep it as fresh in the minds of guests, more may be required from your part.  This call for “more” is answered by our new save the date photo strips.

How does it work?

It’s simple actually.  Email us a couple of your favourite photos along with some details on your event theme and we will do the rest!

Whether you are planning a wedding or an event for a brand activation, communication is key.  A save the date invitation allows for easy mapping and remembrance of the event.  It helps to keep it top of mind and fresh in the minds of those you are targeting.

We all have that one special moment captured on camera, the one that makes time stand still and depicts the mood or the dramatic location.  You just need to decide which photograph says it all for you then send us two or three of your favourites.  Once you have settled on the theme for your wedding or special event, share your design and colour palette with us and we will custom design the layout of your Save the Date photo strip to suit your theme.

With your choice of either a traditional 2 x 6 x 2 photo strip, or postcard 2 x 6 size we will customise your unique save the date photo strip – simple goes a long way.  It is not a reinvention of the wheel, but it is a novel way to give your event a personal touch.

Our new save the date photo strips

What sets our Save the Date photo strips apart is that they are custom designed to complement your wedding theme.  There’s no copy and paste or recycling of the same old look.  Your wedding is unique and it deserves that handmade, personal touch.

It’s as effortless as sharing a couple of images with a friend or uploading them to your social media profile, except this time you send them to us and we do the rest.

If there is power in details, then it is an unsuspecting tool, sitting at your disposal when you book a photobooth for your event.  We can’t wait for you to try it out!


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